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The American television soap opera The Bold and Beautiful, or more commonly known as B&B is a sister show to Bell’s soap opera called the Young and the Restless. The show first premiered on March 23rd, 1987, and since then, the characters of two shows have done many cross-overs. In this article, we will discuss about The bold and the beautiful spoilers and their star cast.

The show was created by Lee Phillip Bell and William J. Bell for the channel called CBS. Centering around the Forrester family and the Forrester Creations (their fashion house), the show’s set is located in Los Angeles, California. 

Eric Forrester (John McCook) and Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) are the show’s oldest (in terms of time spent, not age) characters of the B&B show that features an ensemble cast (a cast that’s given an equal amount of screen-time).

The show has gained a ton of popularity since its release and now sits at 26.2 million viewers. The soap opera stayed the most-watched soap (in the entire world) for a long time but still holds second-position in weekly Neilsen Ratings for daytime dramas. In the years 2009-2011, the soap won 31 Daytime Emmy Awards with three Outstanding Drama Series awards.

The show’s still quite popular and was switched to high-definition in 2011. It made the switch on September 7th (0f 2011) and was named the second-to-last American soap to switch over to high definition. The opera was also the last one to make the switch since ABC’s One Life to Live was canceled. 

The show later returned with All My Children (another soap opera) on April 29, 2013, but couldn’t make the switch any longer. B&B is America’s youngest airing soap opera and celebrated its thirtieth anniversary on March 23rd, 2017.

“The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers”. In this article, we’ll go through spoilers for the recaps premiering from 20th July to 24th July 2020.

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers:

Monday, July 20:

In the recap premiering on Monday, the character Carter flirts with Zoe and learns something from Katie that surprises him. Katie (played by Heather Tom) tells Carter (played by Lawrence Saint-Victor) that Quinn (played by Rena Sofer) sabotaged the reunion party held for Brooke and Ridge (played by Thorsten Kaye), and explains how he did it. 

Zoe and Carter later discuss her romance with Thoams (played by Matthew Atkinsion) and talk about how his lies and manipulations at their wedding were exposed. Their conversion continues with how Hope and Liam (played by Annika Noelle and Scott Clifton respectively) recovered from the trauma and reunited.

They (Zoe and Carter) find out that Sally’s ill and what Wyatt and Flo did when they found out. The character Scott Clifton first appeared in the show 10 years ago, and in this episode, you get to relive the highlights of the character he plays.

Tuesday, July 21:

Wyatt stunned beach house B&B

In the recap premiering on Tuesday, Bill is disappointed by Katie, and Steffy makes some time for herself. Wyat sees something while walking on the beach that sends him into distress and shock. On the other hand, Bill (played by Don Diamont) talks to Katie and tells her that he’s willing to accept the consequences of his actions, whatever they may be, but isn’t willing to lose Katie and their family. Dr. Escobar along with Sally drags the unconscious body of Flo to Sally’s apartment, and tie her to the radiator in her apartment. When Flo wakes up and realizes that Sally has kidnapped her, she’s horrified by her actions.

Wednesday, July 22:

The Bold and Beautiful show

In the recap premiering on Wednesday, Steffy gets hit by a car while riding her motorcycle. Sally gets knocked unconscious, and taking advantage of that, Flo tries to escape but isn’t able to. Later, Flo learns of Sally’s pregnancy plan that even shocks Dr. Escobar, and both of them ask her not to carry it out.

Steffy went out on her motorcycle for some time to just herself but wasn’t able to as she got hit by a car.

Thursday, July 23:

In the recap premiering on Thursday, we learn that Bill was the one who hit Steffy in his car when she was on her motorcycle. This stuns Bill, and he calls 911, and they take Steffy to the ER. Flo hopes Wyatt understands her secret message, and Sally tries to seduce Wyatt, finally revealing Flo’s secret message.

Friday, July 24:

Wyatt demands that Sally reveal where Flo’s been held captive and starts searching for her. During that time, Bill is at the hospital with the injured Steffy. He feels guilt-ridden and apologetic. Bill calls Ridge to inform him about Steffy’s accident, and both Brooke and Ridge make their way to the hospital as fast as they can, trying to hold their emotions when they see her in an injured state.


This article contains the show “The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers” for episodes that premiered/premiering on Monday-Friday (20th – 24th July 2020). If you haven’t watched these episodes, and/or don’t want any spoilers, please click away from this article. However, if you do want spoilers, we hope you find this article useful.

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