Top 5 Home Improvement Stores in the US- 2020


Home improvement stores basically come under the retailing industry or we can say it’s just another name for it. Market concentration is quite high and that’s one of the key features of it Additionally, there’s major price competition. And there is not one but many different types of markets as well as customers that come under the home improvement stores, they are namely – Professional, Do It Yourself (DIY) and last but not the least Do It For Me (DIFM). 

There are a lot of products that are offered by them, but the main aim is basically to improvise the already existing structures. There is a lot of diversity in it which in turn helps the retailing industry or Home improvement stores only. 

If you are wondering which is the best home improvement store in the US, then you are definitely the right place because given below, we have made a list of 5 of the best home improvement stores in the US. Have a look. 

Top 5 Home Improvement Stores in the US- 2020

#1: Home Depot Stores 

Now if you have been in this industry for long there is no chance that you haven’t heard about home depot stores. One of the reasons we say this is because they are the largest Do It Yourself retailer industry not only in the US but in the whole wide world. They sell a lot of useful stuff for repair work including a lot of building materials and tools.

Here are some key features of Home Depot Stores:

  • $74.8 billion – well this is the annual turnover of Home Depot Stores.
  • The headquarters of Home Depot Stores are located in Vinings, GA.
  • Hundreds of thousands of employees work at this retailing company.
  • Home depot takes great care of their customers and always set out to help them with their own hands. 
  • The prices are pretty competitive and there is a lot of transparency which attracts a lot of its customers.
  • there are also many additional opportunities, which was one of the key features that attracted its customers when it did. 
  • It brought out a lot of innovative schemes and campaigns for the customers, making the shopping process a lot faster, and maintaining its good rapport. 

#2: Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores

1,616,000 – well if you are wondering why we have written this huge number over here then it’s just because this is the number of Home Improvement stores that Lowe’s chain of retailing company has. Yes, we are not kidding.

They are spread all through the US as well as Canada. The company’s origin goes as back as 1946. 

Some key features of Lowe’s Home Improvement stores:

  • Mooresville, North Carolina is the place where the headquarters of Lowe’s Home improvement stores are located. 
  • $50.5 billion per year is the annual turnover of the company. 
  • If we talk about the customers then per week, the company offers services to almost 14 million customers. 
  • It offers a lot of discounts on a lot of things that clients buy as it uses wholesale packages for contractors.

#3: Menards Home Improvement Stores

Again are very well known name in the US because it’s the largest non-public Do It Yourself retail company and also the largest chain of Home Improvement items in the do it yourself category. 

Some key features of Menards Home Improvement Stores: 

  • $7.9 billion is the annual turnover of Menards Home Improvement Stores. 
  • Its stores have also been one of the most well-reputed and have also been recognized as the most customer-oriented retail places. 
  • Eau Claire, Wisconsin is the place where the headquarters of the Menards Home Improvement Stores are located.
  • It operates as much as 305 stores in the US, spread across 14 American states.  
  • It’s quite famous for its daily offers and discounts that it has to offer and also has been recognized as a low-cost leader in the retail industry. 

#4: Ace Hardware Stores 

Various household goods and products are what this home improvement store offers. It was when several owners of home appliance stores came together back in 1924 and started a corporation. 

And now it’s been 90 years and it’s still doing some successful business. 

Some key features of Ace Hardware Stores:

  • With 4800 retail stores running around the world in 60 different countries, there are also 17 stores in the US. 
  • It’s one of the largest home improvement stores in the US. 
  • It offers a wide range of products and items, around 12000 to be precise.

5. The Do It Best Corporation stores 

This company is known for its hardware and building materials and was also formerly known as Hardware Wholesalers, Inc. the company’s origins go as back as 1945. It’s what many retail stores in the US as well as throughout the world.

Some key features of the do it best corporation stores:

  • $3.2 billion dollar is their annual turnover. 
  • It offers many discounts and special offers to the customers which is why it is a widely chosen option. 

So these were 5 of the best home improvement stores. Given below are some of the frequently asked questions about the same. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are home improvement stores the same as retail stores? 

A. Yes, they are almost the same but they are basically big specialised retail shops. They offer a variety of construction and finishing materials, they also offer a lot of other equipment but along with that they also offer stuff for home and gardens. 

Q. Which one is the best home improvement Store?

A. Well we made this detailed review to bring to you five of the best home improvement stores but even out of all these five NICETOWN stands out for us. 


Well, these were five of the best home improvement stores that offer all the equipment and stuff that you require for home improvement. So go on and do it.

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