Why are yeezys so expensive?

Adidas makes limited stock for Yeezy shoes because they are expensive. The restricted stock is purposely for potential buyers only. Therefore, many times the shoe supply is limited when the shoe is in high demand. Traders take advantage of inflating prices from sellers to retailers. 

The Yeezy footwear brand is Kanye West’s, and it was valued at $3 billion in 2019 with him as the sole owner. For years Kanye West insisted on belonging to the “three commas” club before he was publicly declared a billionaire.

The shoes cost an arm and a leg, but Kanye initially stated that he wanted his shoes to be relatively accessible to the average consumer. The three shoe models are priced as follows:

  • 350 – $200
  • 750 – $350
  • 950 – $550

The Question arises here Why are yeezys so expensive and popular? We will explain all this question in this article.

These shoes are not cheap by any means. Kanye West aims to be a luxury brand designer, which influences prices. The materials used to make the famous Yeezy is nothing close to the artistry spent on a pair of Loubs, Balenciagas, Common Projects, among others. 

A lot of hype surrounds the shoe, and the decent technology boost in the shoes, the prices might not be too much. Some Americans have demonstrated that although the prices are reasonably high, consumers still buy them. 

There is another click of consumers who love the sneakers dearly but cannot spend that much cash on a pair of sneakers that are likely to wear out like any other shoe. However, it still begs the question, why are the Yeezys so expensive?

Why are yeezys so expensive?

Yeezy is a Designer Shoe collection

Kanye is a luxury designer, making a limited-edition of footwear, and these factors greatly influence the high price of Yeezy sneakers. Kanye West came up with the original idea for the Yeezy design, and he did not intend for the brand to be super costly that people could not afford.

His idea was to give the average person a sneaker brand that was of genuine quality from a high-end designer but with a higher value than the average sneaker. Other high-end designer sneakers may cost more than Yeezy sneakers. 

Does the reason hold water?

A pair of Yeezy sneakers range between $250 to $550. In comparison to other luxury sneaker brands, Yeezy remains exorbitant. Besides the work that has been put into the construction of Yeezys, the handcrafted variety that takes hours of labor to complete, there is no justification of their high price. 

People have different opinions.

Consumers have different opinions when it comes to valuing an item. All factors considered the production time for Yeezys is significant. Also, the time of launching a particular shoe can influence the price. For instance, the Yeezy 750 Boost entered the market during a specific season in Basketball in 2015.

The footwear line Yeezy was a special Adidas release that took over the show, proofing that it was a preferred model by consumers. Also, the Yeezy 350 Boost won the Best Shoes of the year Award in 2015. 

Why is yeezys so expensive

Yeezy is a Limited Edition

Other brands like Nike also make limited-edition releases. If you compare their prices to Yeezy, then the prices sound fair enough. You will not get them for bargains unless you decide to buy a used pair. 

The low numbers keep the demand high when the Yeezys run out. Those who had a stockpile for sale had the opportunity to resell them at a higher price causing the prices to skyrocket.

When the demand for a product is higher than the supply, prices are most likely to increase. West and Adidas found a lasting solution to this problem by increasing the Yeezy production numbers. 

As a result, the shoes were readily available to customers. An increase in production numbers did not impact the price of Yeezys, but the number of vendors who exploited the short supply lost business.


The designer line Yeezys has brought remarkable success to Kanye West. Since 2015 when they entered the market, they secured a good share of sellers. Hopefully, the question of Why are yeezys so expensive is adequately answered in this post. 
Yeezy’s target a specific clientele and the prices are not coming down any day soon. If the reasons stated above did not convince you, then perhaps the brand name Adidas, the designer Kanye West and the constant demand since the shoe was launched are reason enough for you to understand why they are expensive.

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